This Day In History- "Beverly Hills 90210," Debuted On FOX

October 4th

Today in 1648,colonial Governor Peter Stuyvesant established the first volunteer fire department in New York(which was known as New Amsterdam at the time). The crew consisted of four fire wardens who were charged with patrolling the colony and inspecting homes for thatched roofs and wooden chimneys. The first fire engines came to New York in 1731.

Today in 1895,the first US Open golf tournament was held at the Newport Country Club in Rhode Island.

Today in 1933,“Esquire” magazine was published for the first time. It was considered a racy publication when it was first launched.

Today in 1957,"Leave It To Beaver"officially debuted on CBS-TV.

Today in 1957,the Space Age began as the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, into orbit.

Today in 1962,the film “The Longest Day”premiered in theaters nationwide.

Today in 1968,the film, "Night of the Living Dead,"premiered in theaters nationwide.

Today in 1976,US Agriculture Secretary Earl Butzre signed in the wake of a controversy over a crude, racist joke he'd made about African Americans a few days before. At the time, only two newspapers printed the remarks in their entirety.

Today in 1976,Barbara Walters joined Harry Reasoner at the anchor desk of the "ABC Evening News" for the first time,making Walters the first woman to anchor a network evening newscast.

Today in 1989,Graham Chapman, one of the founding members of the British comedy troupe, Monty Python, died of cancer at the age of 48. His longtime friend John Cleese later offered up an epic eulogy at a service held the following December.

Today in 1990,the TV show, "Beverly Hills 90210,"debuted on FOX-TV. It stayed on the air until 2000.

Today in 1994,President Clinton welcomed South African President Nelson Mandela to the White House.

Today in 1994,cartoonist Gary Larson announced he was retiring from doing his "Far Side" cartoon.

Today in 1997,hundreds of thousands of men attended a “Promise Keepers” rally in Washington D.C.

Today in 1997, the largest cash robbery in US history occurred at the Charlotte, North Carolina office of Loomis, Fargo and Company with $17.3-million in cash taken. Sound familiar? The story of the heist was portrayed in the film, “Masterminds,” starring Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis.

Today in 1998,Russian envoys warned Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic that NATO might launch airstrikes unless he took "decisive measures" to end the humanitarian crisis in the southern province of Kosovo.

Today in 2001,a Russian airliner blew up as it flew over the Black Sea. There were no survivors of the 76 people on the plane. US intelligence sources stated that they likely cause of the accident was a missile strike from a Ukrainian military exercise.

Today in 2001,San Diego Padres Rickey Henderson scored his 2,246th career run to break Ty Cobb's major league record.

Today in 2001,Reagan National Airport re-opened after being closed since the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001.

Today in 2001,SF Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit his 70th home run in 10-2 win v Houston; ties Mark McGwire for the most MLB home runs in a single season. Bonds also moved past Reggie Jackson on the all-time list with his 564th career home run.

Today in 2004,SpaceShip One won a $10-million Ansari X Prize for private spaceflight.

Today in 2006,WikiLeaks launched.

Today in 2011,the State Department listed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS/ISIL) as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist with a $10-million reward for information leading to his capture. Thereward now stands at $25-million– and he remains at large.

Today in 2017,Chinese pianist Lang Lang played Carneige Hall one-handed due to injury…and “borrowed” a hand from 14 year-old Maxim Lando (who played his left hand for Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue").

Today in 2017,British PM Theresa May suffered nightmare speech at Conservative National Conference as her voice fails, prankster interrupted and the set collapsed.

Today in 2018,New England's Tom Brady became only the third NFL quarterback to record 500 career touchdown passes as he connects with Josh Gordon in Patriots' 38-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts at Foxborough.

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