AOC Should Think Twice Before She Blasts ICE's "Concentration Camps"

Listen To Geraldo In Cleveland on WTAM 1100, also available on 106.9 FM and the free iheartradio app. Today, after returning from his Central European vacation, Geraldo lends a little perspective to AOC's "concentration camps" remarks after visiting the Terezín Concentration Camp from WW2.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been no stranger to controversy. The freshman congresswoman from New York has already made headlines with advocating for the Green New Deal and LBGTQ rights, while fighting against Amazon's plans to put a corporate headquarters in New York. While sometimes unrealistic, the young democrat's ideas have always come from a good place. However, it may be difficult to walk back the recent comments she made on a recent live stream.

In the din of the upcoming election, it shouldn't surprise anyone that leaders on both sides of the political spectrum are becoming more and more melodramatic, with their language becoming more hyperbolic every day. But while both sides are throwing haymakers at each other, they have to keep their perspective on who the real enemy is.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis created a network of over 42,500 camps throughout Europe and were responsible for the end of almost 20 million souls. Prisoners in these subcamps were dying from starvation, untreated disease and summary executions by the tens of thousands already since the beginning of war Prisoners in these camps were dying from starvation and untreated diseases. Occupants of these camps were summarily executed for the crimes of being Gay, Jewish, or disagreeing with the politics of the Third Reich.

While the Nazi's weren't the only ones to have Concentration Camps (by the literal definition of the term), they have monopolized the term since the discovery of places like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau, and Terezín.

Yes, this election cycle looks like it could be the most combative in the history of this country, but when the key players are thinking of the best way to bash the other side they should think long and hard about how they are comparing the "enemy" to.

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