Cleveland Bishop Nelson Perez Sends Support After Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Courtesy Cleveland Catholic Diocese

(CLEVELAND) Bishop Nelson Perez of the Cleveland Catholic Diocese sent the following message of prayer and support after fire ripped through the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in France:

Catholics around the world are heartbroken over the destruction by fire of the famed Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France. The 12th century cathedral, one of the world’s leading landmarks and tourist destinations, has stood for centuries as a testament to time, history and faith. Pilgrims from around the world, including many from Northeast Ohio, have visited the iconic cathedral, a marvel known for its distinct architecture, magnificent stained-glass windows and superb acoustics.

We pray for the people of France over the loss of this great cathedral, a deeply spiritual place that has served as a place of prayer, inspiration and a fixture of the Catholic faith for centuries. May God be with them and comfort their grief as they work to recover from this great loss. 

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