Kentucky Troopers: Ty'Rell Pounds Shot, Killed Skylar Williams

(Cleveland) - In a press conference conducted Wednesday afternoon, Representatives of the Kentucky State Highway Patrol said they have forensic evidence which proves that the bullet that killed Ohio State-Mansfield student Skylar Williams was fired by her abductor, Ty'rell Pounds.

Pounds abducted Williams from the OSU-Mansfield campus Monday morning. Tuesday morning, Pounds and Williams entered a gas station in Northern Kentucky, where Williams reportedly mouthed 'help me' to an employee, who then called 911 after Pounds and Williams exited the store. A state trooper tried to pull the van Pounds was driving over, but Pounds refused and accelerated, kicking off a police chase that ended when the trooper and another police vehicle performed a blocking maneuver on an Interstate entrance ramp.

According to Kentucky Highway Patrol, Pounds fired at least twice, with one bullet entering Williams's arm and traveling into her side, later killing her. The trooper at the scene returned fire into the van, killing Pounds, who was wearing a kevlar vest.

Pounds and the victim had a young child together, whom was safely with Skylar's relatives when the abduction occurred.

Photo: Courtesy WKYC

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