Pets For Vets Cleveland Chapter Kickoff & Fundraiser

Pets for Vets

Join “Pets for Vets” at their inaugural kickoff and fundraiser on April 12th at The Tanglewood Club in Chagrin Falls.  The primary goal for the event is to raise awareness of our Cleveland presence and to raise funds to facilitate matches. Each match costs approximately $3000 which covers the cost of the dog, trainers, foster homes while the dog is being trained, all veterinary bills and a complete welcome package provided to the Veteran on the day we hand the dog to them. The Veteran is supported every step of the way and once they have their dog, the Veteran will continue to be supported by the Pets for Vets organization as they become part of the Pets for Vets "family".

Their program is designed to match Veterans in the Cleveland and surrounding communities who are struggling with PTSD with local shelter dogs. Each dog is trained as a companion dog specifically to meet the needs of that individual Veteran.  Our main goal is to help our U.S. Military Veterans and at the same time, rescue our local shelter animals. It is a win-win for both of them!

 For more information about “Pets for Vets” and the event on April 12th visit:

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