Lorain Councilman Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Lorain -  Lorain city councilman Angel Arroyo was arrested at his home around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning under domestic violence and resisting arrest charges.

According to the police report, Arroyo’s wife told police he got extremely intoxicated and began striking her in the ribs and pushed her.

Police say while Arroyo’s wife was making the report to police, Angel became extremely agitated and refused to answer questions. He then reportedly told the officers he would show them the video he recorded during the incident if he was given assurances that whatever was on it could not incriminate him.

When officers attempted to place handcuffs on Arroyo, he balled his fists and began to struggle, according to the report.

After struggling to be handcuffed, Arroyo refused to move and officers had to force him down the street. He was eventually placed in the car.

"We will conduct an investigation into the incident, then go from there," said Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenaur.

Police say during their investigation, Angel made references to sending text messages to the Chief of Police and the mayor’s office, police believe in an attempt to dissuade them from thoroughly investigating the incident.

Arroyo, who is the city councilman for Ward Six in Lorain, was arrested back in 2017 on charges of disorderly conduct.

Photo courtesy of The Lorain Police Department

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