Cleveland Police Hold Promotion Ceremony

Cleveland - A big day for the boys and girls in blue at Cleveland City Hall Wednesday.

22 patrol officers, along with one lieutenant, received promotions inside the police force. 

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

"A lot of hard work, studying, late nights. You just hope all your experiences as a patrol officer get you ready for what's next," says newly appointed Sergeant Ian Lower.

Kevin Walker, who after 18 years serving Cleveland's fourth district received his promotion to Sergeant, told us about how he found out he made the cut. "I was riding my bike and my phone kept going off. When I could finally get off and check it, it was a bunch of congratulations texts. I said to myself 'What did I do that was so good', then I saw that I was ninth on the list for the test."

Here is a list of the officers receiving promotions:

 Appointed to Rank of Sergeant

  • Jose Garcia
  • Christopher Mobley
  • Jacquelyn Bennett
  • Michael Harper
  • Kenneth Koney
  • Michael Chapman
  • Eric Newton
  • Kevin Walker
  • Christopher Hoover
  • Vincent Schneider 
  • Barry Bentley
  • Kenneth Ryan
  • Belal Ilain
  • Ian Mussell
  • Jennifer Hernandez
  • Brian Middaugh
  • Thomas Barry
  • Saladin Sudberry
  • Higinio Rivera
  • Justin Cajka
  • Reginald Lanton
  • Ian Lower

Appointed to Rank of Captain

  • Matthew Gallagher

You can see a full video of the ceremony below.

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