Roadkill w/Geraldo Podcast: Four-Star General John F. Campbell

Geraldo-Gen Campbell

Photo by Craig Rivera

This week on the “Roadkill with Geraldo” Podcast, Rivera is talking to retired Four-Star General John F. Campbell about current events, where the country is going with the war in Afghanistan.  They also talk about his career in the military, why he retired, the night Osama Bin Laden was killed, and being accused of leading a coup in Turkey, (you will not believe the alibi he has for not being in Turkey), they talk about the program he helps at assisting vets getting jobs, and any future aspirations he may have.

Gen. Campbell was commander of the Resolute Support Mission and the United States Forces-Afghanistan.  He was almost destined to be in the military being born at Loring Air Force Base in Maine and growing up on military bases around the world.  He also graduated from the United States Military Academy.

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