Mass Bomb Hoaxes Hit U.S., CLE E-Mail Accounts

 (Cleveland) - The Cleveland field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation says they have been working with both the Bureau Headquarters in the District of Columbia, and local police departments, in investigating bomb hoaxes that began to show up in e-mail accounts all across the country, beginning Thursday morning.

The e-mails, which often claim a bomb will be detonated if the sender of the email doesn't recieve a certain amount of money, seem to be going out primarily to businesses, schools, and government buildings and agencies.

Though it has happened in other parts of the country, no Cleveland-area schools have gone into their lock-down protocol as a result of having recieved one of the e-mail threats.

The Cleveland Division of Police says they have recieved numerous about the e-mail threats since late morning and that, so far, they have all turned out to be hoaxes when investigated.

Though the F.B.I. has acknowledged they are investigating the incidents, they have not yet said if they have any suspects or motive for the faux threats.

Photo: Courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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