NFL: Sorry CLE, We're Gambling on Vegas

(Cleveland) - We've got the Pro Football Hall of Fame on one end, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the other, but the NFL still picked another suitor to host the 2020 NFL Draft. That's 'suit' as in card suit, as it will take place in Las Vegas. 

For the third consecutive year, a civic campaign that combines Canton and Cleveland had bid to host the annual NFL Draft party, which in recent years has been a four night televised extravaganza. For the third time, we have been rebuffed.

The 2019 draft will take place in Nashville, home of the resurgent Tennessee Titans. As for Northeast Ohio, we still have a new-look Cleveland Browns team at First Energy Stadium (and QB1 Baker Mayfield), as well as the first preseason game played each year at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum in Canton. 

Canton, Ohio. That's the place where the National Football League officially began. The league's 100th anniversary will take place in....wait for it....2020.

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Pro Football Hall of Fame Canton, OH

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