Murder-Carjacking Suspect Surrenders to CLE Police

(Cleveland) - A murder suspect wanted in the killing of a Cleveland woman on a church parking lot has now surrendered to police. Cleveland police say Michael 'Tyvon' Preston and another, unidentified, suspect hit the victim, 32-year-old Lesley DeJesus, with her own car after the two suspects carjacked DeJesus, her husband and their two children on the parking lot of Archwood United Church of Christ.

Both DeJesus and her husband fought back; the husband was dragged by the car as it was pulling away and suffered serious injuries. The suspects dumped the car nearby on Denison Avenue, as the ignition was damaged when the suspects hot-wired the vehicle.

The DeJesus family was doing volunteer work at the church at the time of the killing. That second suspect remains at large.

Photos: Courtesy of WKYC

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Lesley DeJesus

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