Bay Village Police Blotter: October 30th

Bay Village - 

On 10/22/2018, at 13:26 hours, a motorist called to report she was behind a possible drunk driver, east bound on Lake Road at Bradley Road. Officers were finally able to catch up to the white Honda Civic and stop it on Columbia Road near the railroad tracks. The driver admitted to drinking beer earlier in the morning before he took his neighbor to an appointment in Avon. After being arrested, he was transported back to the police station for processing. The 58-year Bay Village resident was later released on personal bond to a sober adult.

On 10/25/2018, at 12:53 hours, a resident on Wolf Road, near Douglas Drive, called to report an attempted theft. The homeowner was working from home, when movement caught his eye outside a window. He went to the window and observed a female walking from the front of his house to the driveway in the rear that accesses Douglas. She got into a silver SUV and left south bound on Douglas and continued south through the intersection of Wolf road. The victim went to the front of his residence and saw that a package delivered from Amazon had been opened, but the contents, a tee shirt, were still inside. The suspect female was described as being in her 40s or 50s, short blond hair with it being very short in the rear, average height and build. The Detective Bureau is investigating.

On 10/25/2018, at 15:30 hours, officers were dispatched to Cashelmara Condominiums on a complaint made by the property manager that someone was running a chainsaw inside of one of the apartments. Prior to police arrival, the Bay Village Fire Department was dispatched in regards to a fire alarm that was possibly set off by the fumes, dust and smoke generated by the saw. There was no response to officer’s knocks at the apartment door. Contact was made with SAFEbuilt, the city department that had issued building permits for construction work inside the apartment. When reached by phone the permit holder refused to give any personal information to the Bay Village officer. He did say it was not a chainsaw, but a gasoline powered concrete saw being used in the apartment. He further stated that since he was not the person actually running the saw, then he was not liable. The officer advised him that since he was the person filing the permits, owned the apartment and was in charge of the project then he was in fact liable for actions related to the construction. Eventually the permit holder hung up on the officer. Case is still pending warrant requests through Rocky River Municipal Court.

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