Lorain County Absentee Ballots Missing

Lorain County Seal

(Cleveland) - 

For the moment, the US Postal Service and the Board of Elections in Lorain County are pointing a finger at one another, as they try to remedy an issue in which Lorain County residents did not recieve the absentee ballots they ordered from the county Board of Elections.

That board in Lorain County says they've received over 40 individual complaints from would-be voters. Lorain County says all absentee ballots were mailed by October 10, and that the complaints are all coming from voters living in a single area - namely North Ridgeville. The Board of Elections says they are working with the USPS to find out what happened to those missing ballots; in the meantime, the county says they are mailing out replacement ballots to residents as quickly as possible.

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