Deer Jumps Through Pepper Pike Office Window

Pepper Pike - The clean up continues at a Pepper Pike office building where a deer crashed through a window. 

The incident a strange case of breaking and entering. The animal leaped, and jumped over five feet into the air and into an office, smashing the window Tuesday afternoon. 

Police Sgt. Jim Colbert tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, they received a call from the owner of the Financial Planning Business, Harvey Kotler, who reported that the buck was stuck inside an office.  

Photos courtesy of Sharon Burk / Harvey Kotler, LLC

Officers arrived at the building on Chagrin Boulevard and tried to get the deer through a door, but it jumped back out the same window, and into the woods, leaving the office in shambles, with blood everywhere.

No injuries were reported, and Kotler had a good sense of humor after the incident. "I plan on getting a sign that says "the buck stops here", maybe a deer crossing sign too."

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