As The Migrant Caravan Enters Mexico, The United States Must React

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Over 3,000 Honduran refugees have been making their way through Central America, and are now migrating north though Mexico. As the midterm elections approach, it can be very easy to paint these people with a broad brush in these very combative times. Before we rush to judgement, we have to use our eyes and ears and see that these are not the criminals that many perceive them to be.

When it seems like there is a new life or death issue almost weekly, the timing of this humanitarian crisis comes at an especially pivotal time for the United States. Democrats are pushing for a humanitarian response, while the GOP, led by The President, is advocating for a more hard line response. No matter the message, both sides have been using this a tent pole issue going into to the November elections.

Whatever philosophy wins at the polls could be inmateral. However effective military may seem, there could be legal issues with using the military to enforce US domestic laws.

Whatever the solution, we have to remember that even though they are not American citizens, they are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, and should be treated as such. 

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