Rocky River Police Blotter: October 2nd

Rocky River - 

  • On 09/25/2018 at about 11:05 AM a merchant on Center Ridge. Rd near Plymouth called to report that a man was climbing out of a dumpster behind his business. The person crawling out of the dumpster matched the description of a homeless man previously seen in the area. He was later identified, denied being in the dumpster, and advised to stay off private property.

  • On 09/25/2018 at about 1:05 PM a Pease Dr. resident reported that someone attempted to break into her car, a Mini Cooper. The investigating officer reported that the rubber around the inside door was pulled up and paint was scraped along the door edge. Entry was not gained and no other damage was found.

  • On 09/25/2018 the pastor of a Detroit Rd. church called to report a homeless woman who had previously been told not to return has been coming into the building after hours and takes clothes and other donated items. Police were unable to locate her.

  • On 09/25/2018 at about 7:40 PM police responded to Linden Park after a complaint of a man who was trying to get up but kept falling down. Police found the man--highly intoxicated and injured--on the ground on Mercedes near Idlewild. He was transported to hospital by ambulance.

  • On 09/27/2018 at about 7:25 AM police a man was reported to be stumbling and falling, likely intoxicated, on Center Ridge. Rd. near Northview Rd. He was located a few moments later on Center Ridge near Wagar Rd. He appeared to have mental health issues, had been drinking, and was transported to hospital by ambulance.

  • On 09/27/2018 at about 1:50 PM staff at Giant Eagle on Center Ridge Rd. reported a man left the store without paying for beer and other items. The caller reported that he left the area in a red Honda. The car was stopped by Westlake Police. Micahel Stucko, 40-years-old from Cleveland, and Zion Charles Wolverton, 44-years-old from North Olmsted, were arrested for Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Possessing Criminal Tools, and Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments. 2018-01847 Incident & Booking are attached.

  • On 09/28/2018 at about 6:15 AM police responded to a home on Wagar Rd. between Hilliard Blvd. and center Ridge Rd. after a resident reported change and compact disks were taken from an unlocked vehicle overnight.

  • On 09/28/2018 at about 9:45 AM a Forestview Ave. resident reported an unlocked car was entered overnight. The only items missing were loose coins.

  • On 10/01/2018 at about 2:55 PM a Hampton Rd. between Hilliard Blvd. and Center Ridge Rd. resident reported a back back containing a Samsung tablet was taken from on unlocked car the night of 09/30/3018.

  • On 10/01/2018 at about 6:25 a caller reported a white male in the parking lot on Center Ridge Rd. at Gasser Blvd. was waving his arms, yelling at passing cars, and acting oddly. The man, Patrick Canaan, 35-years-old from New York, had been drinking and claimed to have recently used drugs. He was unable to safely care for himself as a result of his intoxication and was arrested for Disorderly Conduct While Intoxicated.

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