North Royalton Shelter Has Raccoon Problem

North Royalton - A late night for owners at Stay-A-While Adoption and Shelter in North Royalton, after raccoons poked their way through the attic and into the business.

Director Beth Pearce says she had stayed late to do paperwork Wednesday evening when she heard noises upstairs.

"I went up there to make sure the cats weren't fighting, and there was just a hole in the ceiling in the kitchen," says Pearce. "I saw a couple heads, and told them to go away, who knows what would've happened if I wasn't there."

Photos courtesy of Kyle Cornell / WTAM 1100

One raccoon was caught on top of the home business, but many more are reportedly trapped in the attic. Animal Control is expected to come out to the home to take care of that. 

Pearce says there are over 90 cats inside.

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