Westlake Police Blotter: August 26th - August 30th

Westlake - 

On 8/26/18 at approx. 7:42PM, the manager of a bar/restaurant on Sperry Rd called WPD to report that an intoxicated male customer had been asked to leave the establishment.   Unfortunately for him, he also apparently left behind a pack of cigarettes which contained drug paraphernalia.  Really unfortunately for him, he also left his phone number and name with the pack of cigarettes after attempting to pass the information to the female bar tender.  Officers located the male at another bar/restaurant nearby.  At first the suspect denied ownership of the contraband but fessed up once being reminded about his note.  The 41yo from Blacklick, OH was cited with possession of drug paraphernalia and was sent on his way.

On 8/27/18 at approx. 8:47AM the owner of The Time Warp Bar at the corner of Canterbury and Center Ridge Rds reported that his business had been broken into overnight.  

The glass on an entrance door was smashed and an undisclosed amount of money and property was missing from inside the bar.  Also overnight, the neighboring business, Sweet Basil Pizza was broken into.  Another glass door was broken to enter this business.  A small amount of cash was taken during this B+E.  Detectives believe both break ins are related.    Surveillance video and other evidence is being reviewed.

On 8/27/18 WPD investigated 3 reports of thefts from autos.  The first 2 were reported in the morning and had apparently occurred during the night before.  Both vehicles were unlocked and parked on Bay Landing Dr.  A small amount of cash was taken.  The 3rd incident was reported in the afternoon from a business on Sperry Rd.  In this case a license plate was removed from the rear of the vehicle.  The plate was entered as stolen in police databases.  ****Note that this is a good reminder to always lock your vehicle when unattended and hide your valuables if left in the car/truck.  (Better yet do NOT leave valuables inside unattended vehicles!)****

On 8/28/18 at approx. 1736 Hrs., an officer took a report of a possible identity theft.  The victim received a phone call on the house phone from someone claiming to be from Medicare.  The foreign sounding female on the line purported that she needed to verify information about the complainant and her husband so new Medicare cards could be issued.  The caller already did know the victim’s name and address.  Believing the fraudster, the Westlake resident did relay some personal identifying information.  Checks with Medicare revealed that the call was fake.  A report was also filed with the Medicare Fraud Hotline.

On 8/30/18 at approx. 1:34AM a motorist called WPD to ask for assistance as he had locked his keys in his vehicle in the parking lot of a restaurant at Crocker Park.  An officer was dispatched to give him a hand.  While in the process of unlocking the vehicle, the officer took note of a glass pipe and grinder sitting on the center console.  After unlocking the door it was also quite evident from the smell that there was marijuana in the car.  After being allowed back into the car, the 27yo from Lorain realized that he had actually left the lost keys in a sweatshirt which was still in the restaurant.  The male was cited for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  He was sent on his way after he retrieved his keys.  

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