Gasoline spikes not expected this holiday weekend

(Cleveland) - Gasoline prices are expected to remain steady through the Labor Day holiday weekend. 

So reports analyst Dan McTeague. He predicts gasoline will remain in the $2.70 a gallon range for regular fuel. 

Right now the average Ohio price is $2.77, the Cuyahoga County average is $2.79. 

McTeague explains gas was 19-cents a gallon higher on Memorial Day. He tells Newsradio WTAM 1100 refineries will begin switching to their cheaper winter blends on September 15th, and that may cause prices to decline by 5 or 10 cents a gallon. 

However, prices could be disrupted by any hurricane activity in the Gulf Coast, or political tensions in the Middle East. U.S. sanctions against Iran are to take effect in November, due to the Trump Administration's scrapping of the nuclear deal with that nation, and could also put upward pressure of fuel costs. 

Meanwhile, prices for diesel fuel have been climbing all year, up 61-cents a gallon when compared to 2017.

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