Avon residents upset with extra recycling fee

(Avon) - Republic Services is now charging Avon residents an extra $7.02 each quarter for recycling. 

The company claims it's facing increasing costs, because 1-in-every-4 items placed in recycling bins is not recyclable. 

Some residents are so upset, they are turning in their recycling bins, believing they are being punished even though they were trying to help the environment. 

Mayor Bryan Jensen feels Republic has not done a very good job of explaining what residents are supposed to recycle, and there should have been better communication with customers. 

Jensen tells Newsradio WTAM, city council is unhappy with the extra fee, and will work for a resolution to make residents happy, and to educate and encourage customers to keep recycling. 

Jensen says Avon is one of the top recycling communities in the county, and it's unfair for Republic to hit residents with a penalty. He contends Republic should have addressed any issues 6 months ago, and given residents time to comply.

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