Browns Antonio Callaway cited for marijuana

(Berea) - Antonio Callaway,  a rookie wideout for the Cleveland Browns and University of Florida  alum, was stopped for a traffic violation at 2:59 a.m. in Strongsville,  Ohio on Sunday morning and was cited for both marijuana possession and  driving with a suspended license.

Officer Eric Schubert reported "a small amount" of marijuana was  found under the driver's seat of his car. The amount was small enough to  be recorded as a minor misdemeanor offense under Ohio state law.

The Browns released a statement shortly after the news broke.

"We're aware of the citation are in the process of gathering more  information and will comment further at the appropriate time," the  statement read.

Callaway previously found himself in legal trouble during his time at  the University of Florida, where he was suspended by the team for six  months from January-June 2016 after a woman came forward with sexual  assault allegations against Harris from December 2015. He was eventually  cleared of three school conduct code violations and returned to the  team. He was suspended for the entirety of his 2017 season after being  involved in a credit card fraud case and opted to declare for the draft  in December 2017.

The Browns selected him in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft  back in April despite testing positive for marijuana during the NFL  scouting combine two months prior.

When the Browns opted to trade starting wideout Corey Coleman  to the Buffalo Bills for a seventh-round pick on Sunday, Callaway was  quickly moved into the team's starting rotation for wideouts.

Both coach Hue Jackson and starting Browns wideout Jarvis Landry spoke highly of Callaway during training camp.

"He has talent — I think that we all know that — but I think that he  is starting to really get the system and learning how to do things the  way that we want them done," Jackson told reporters. "I was back there  when he was returning punts. He said, 'Coach, I have not played in a  year.' He is really looking forward to Thursday night. I am glad that he  senses it because I do, too. I want to make sure that he goes out there  on Thursday and plays the way that we think he can play."

"He continues to work hard. He has been bouncing around a little bit  position to position, but at the same time, he has embraced it and he  keeps working hard every day," Landry said. "That is all you can ask."

Callaway  finished his career at Florida with 89 catches for 1,399 yards and  seven touchdowns across 26 starts. He was widely expected to start for  the Browns in their first preseason game on Thursday against the  Giants. 

"It should be a show," Callaway told reporters on Tuesday morning before the news of the marijuana citation broke. "I'm just ready to play now."

Antonio Callaway, Cleveland Browns

(Photo courtesy Cleveland Browns)

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