Kittens Rescued From Construction Equipment

(Lake County) - The Lake Humane Society received a report of kittens heard crying inside an excavator at a park.  With the help of various organizations, Humane Agent Leanne was able to rescue the two 3-week-old k. With the help of various organizations, Leanne was able to rescue the two 3-week-old kittens.

Members of the Fairport Harbor Fire Department were able to assist Leanne in getting one kitten to safety using a catch pole. The other kitten, in much worse shape, was not able to be rescued that way, so our friends at JTO, Inc. jumped in to help by sending their mechanic out to remove the bottom panel of the excavator.Both kittens received medical attention and care. 

Upon rescue, Dusty (the grey kitten) was in much worse shape than Smitty. She was cold, not able to walk, and very dehydrated. When they arrived at LHS, they were both given fluids, nutri-cal, food, water, and a warm bed with a heating pad to keep them cozy (since they don't have a mom to snuggle up with). 

The Humane Society's Animal Care Manager, Megan, provided them care, bottle fed them, and helped them go use a litter box.  They are now headed to a foster home.

(Photo from Facebook Video; Courtesy Lake Humane Society)

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