Lifebanc Dedicates Pinwheel Display

CLEVELAND  – Lifebanc, Northeast Ohio’s organ procurement organization, recently dedicated its 2018 Pinwheel Display on the front lawn of the organization’s Warrensville Heights office. The display honors those who gave the Gift of Life in 2017 and serves as a reminder that there are still thousands in need of life-saving transplant in our area.

The display features 929 Donate Life Pinwheels, one for each person who was an organ, eye and tissue donor last year. These 929 heroes live on in the recipients of their life-saving organs and tissues.

155 of those individuals saved the lives of 418 men, women and children through donated organs. 2017 marked the highest number of organ donors in Northeast Ohio’s history. One organ donor can save as many as eight lives.

774 individuals donated life-saving and healing tissues like corneas, bone, skin and heart valves. Each tissue donor could potentially save and heal more than 50 other individuals.

There are still 1,689 people waiting for an organ here in Northeast Ohio. For those waiting, a transplant is the only option for long-term health. 46 people have died this year in our area because the organ they needed is not available.

To learn more about organ, eye and tissue donation and to register online today, visit

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