Hot weather increases business at Olmsted Ice

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(Cuyahoga County) - Workers at Olmsted Ice in Olmsted Township don't mind our current heat wave. 

It's 20 degrees in the freezer where ice is stored and packed. Employee Devin Black loads blocks of ice in a freezer where the temperature is only 20 degrees. 

He feels comfortable wearing a t-shirt and no coat because the temperature outside is about 90 degrees, and the below freezing conditions inside means he can work hard, without working up a sweat. 

Olmsted Ice co-owner Tony Dixon says they are very busy when the weather is hot because demand for ice skyrockets. 

Employees put in long hours, and work seven days a week to fill the needs of their customers. 

Dixon says he hasn't had a summer vacation since 1991, but he's good with that, because 28% of their sales are made in the month of July. Its very quiet at Olmsted Ice during the winter.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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