Mural mania in the Gordon Square Arts District

Ryan Jaenke

(Cleveland) - A drive down Detroit Avenue will reveal eight murals being installed by local artists in the Gordon Square Arts District. 

The effort is part of the Gordon Square Arts District’s work to infuse the neighborhood with art that is free and accessible to everyone. 

The murals appear along Detroit Avenue between W. 52nd Street and W. 74th Street and will be completed by the end of May.

The Gordon Square Arts District partnered with LAND Studio and Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization to coordinate the mural installation. 

Funding from The Cleveland Foundation, the City of Cleveland Casino Revenue Fund, Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone, Hilton, The David and Inez Myers Foundation, American Greetings and Sherwin-Williams supports the project. 

“Our mural project is a collaboration between local artists and businesses in the neighborhood. Business owners volunteered their exterior walls as locations for the murals, and they’re excited to be part of the artistic vibrancy in Gordon Square,” said Carrie Carpenter, President & Executive Director of the Gordon Square Arts District. 

Ryan Jaenke, mural artist

There are six Cleveland artists working on six murals in May. 

• Ryan Jaenke (above) is painting on the western wall of the Butcher Building (6814 Detroit Ave.) 

• Darius Steward’s mural is being painted on the eastern wall of Buehner’s Office Supply Co. (5818 Detroit Ave.)

• Dante Rodriguez is painting on the western wall of Astoria Café & Market (6417 Detroit Ave.)

• The building at 6805 Detroit Ave. will have two murals; Lisa Quine is painting the east wall and Justin Michael Will is painting the west wall. 

• Matthew Sweeney’s mural will be installed on the western wall of Banter (7320 Detroit Ave.)The largest mural of the series will be painted by Baltimore artist duo Jessie and Katey on the eastern wall of the Centers for Families and Children’s Reinberger Auditorium (5209 Detroit Ave.) 

It will serve as a gateway mural to welcome people to the Gordon Square Arts District as they approach from downtown and the east.

The first mural of the series was painted in September 2017 on the western side of Stockyard Meats (6105 Detroit Ave.) by Cleveland artist Eileen Dorsey in collaboration with Chicago-based graffiti artist Ish Muhammad through a partnership with Graffiti Heart and Neighborhood Connections.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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