Local Craftsman Taking Bike Theft In Stride

Cleveland - An East Cleveland shop owner is coping with the loss of one of his greatest creations. That being an all-wooden bicycle he spent over 150 hours crafting. 

Peter Debelak isn't mad that his bike got stolen after trying to ride home from work last week, he just wants to talk with the person who took it.

"I'd probably invite him to come in to the shop and  learn how to make something like that with their hands," said Debelak.

This isn't the first time a custom made wooden bike was stolen from him either. Debelak says several years ago it happened at a gas station in Ohio City. "I stopped at the Marathon for a gyro and, my fault, I didn't lock it up. I could see it leaning against the window, but when I turned my head it was gone".

If you do happen to know where this bike is or wish to return it, you can at Debelak's Soulcraft Design and Woodshop, located at 5410 Hamilton Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

Photos courtesy of Mark Adams Pictures

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