Browns Looking Into Big Changes Involving Stadium

Cleveland - The Cleveland Browns have begun discussing a possible development project that could result in either a major renovation of FirstEnergy Stadium, or a brand new facility all together. 

Browns owner Dee Haslam told ESPN Thursday "The main thing is to start the conversation, at some point...I don't know that we're ready to start that conversation, but we are ready to get all the information we can about what's possible".

 It's become apparent the team wants a bigger role in the development of downtown cleveland, as the team has had some light-hearted discussions with city leaders about the plans. For now, the team is firmly in place at FirstEngergy Stadium. Their lease at the building constructed in 1999 runs through 2029. It also hasn't been lost that the team recently completed a two-year, $125 million renovation at the stadium. 

All in all, Haslam says a conclusion on the long-term future of the stadium will "be a decision by the people of Cleveland". The hope in the short term, a better on field product to help with a bigger picture for the future.

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