North Royalton child dies from bacteria illness


(Cuyahoga County) - A second grader at Royal Redeemer Lutheran School in North Royalton is dead after contracting a bacterial illness.  

County health administrators report Caroline Faust passed away over the weekend.  There is no clue about what type of bacteria that cause the infection.  

The Board of Health released a letter to the parents and guardians of students at Royal School stating that the illness cannot be transmitted by casual contact.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we have identified persons who may have come into close prolonged contact with respiratory secretions of the student. Examples of close contact include kissing, drinking from the same beverage container, and sharing eating utensils. Therefore, only individuals who came in contact with the student’s respiratory secretions in this manner would be considered at risk. Regardless of the type of bacteria, fever is a common sign of infection. More severe forms of infection cause symptoms such as fever and also headaches, vomiting, stiff neck and a rash. If you believe your child has a bacterial infection, contact your family physician.”

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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