Emily Keener to Support Human Trafficking Organization

Beachland Ballroom

Singer songwriter Emily Keener will donate her time and talent to support the Harriet Tubman Movement on March 15th with a performance at the Beachland Ballroom.  Emily has enlisted the help of her friends Michelle Gaw and Ray Flannigan and the Authorities to also perform and spread the word about human trafficking in N.E. Ohio.   Emily was a contestant on The Voice in 2016 which she says gave her confidence to continue writing and performing original songs.   Her recently released album “Breakfast” was a labor of love that is more alt-pop than her prior acoustic folksy Americana work.  Emily says lending her voice to support the work of the Harriet Tubman Movement is an honor.   

 The Harriet Tubman Movement, a 503c charity, is a group of local advocates who work with victims of human trafficking to connect them to services that are specific to their needs for safety and restoration.  Victims of human trafficking are referred to the Harriet Tubman Movement by law enforcement, healthcare providers, homeless shelters, drug rehab facilities and other sources.  Advocates meet with the person, establish a rapport and quickly assess their needs, then make appropriate referrals to service providers, regardless of location.  Often the survivor requires relocation out of the area, clothing, personal care items and food as they flee captivity. 

Director Laura Bartchak reports they have helped 35 victims in the last 18 months in N.E Ohio counties.  Some of the victims ranging in age from 18 to 45 were forced into trafficking by relatives.  Like the opiod crisis, human trafficking affects all social economic classes. 

This concert will raise awareness about human trafficking in N.E. Ohio and funds to allow the Harriet Tubman Movement to continue helping those trapped in modern day slavery move into safe locations and receive support services to get back on their feet. 

Beachland Ballroom information:   www.beachlandballroom.com

Phone:  216-383-1124

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