Flooding A Concern As Temperatures Pass 50 This Week

From You Tube video

(Eastlake) - It's getting a lot warmer this week, and that means chances of flooding are also very good.

24 years ago, some of the worst flooding in decades occured along the Chagrin River in Eastlake, when a house actually washed into the river, and was smashed against the Lake Shore Boulevard bridge.

That was the perfect case of snow pack, a frozen river, and a sudden thaw.  It could happen again this week, as temperatures are forecast to go up into the 50s, after being near zero.  

Not just the Chagrin, but also the Grand River, the Rocky river, the Cuyahoga River and the Black River are all frozen, and so is Lake Erie, and all could flood thanks to a sudden melting.

(Photo from You Tube video)

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