The Spew 11-27-17

1.       The Browns were in the Queen City on Sunday to take on the Bengals. What did you think of the game? 


2.       You’ve  heard about the “Wild, Wild, West” but in Cleveland it’s the “Wild,  Wild, East”.  Cleveland Police are looking for a group of teenagers who  opened fire on another group of teens over the weekends killing a  12-year-old boy, Abdel Latif Bashiti and wounding five others at East  117th and Buckeye.  Cleveland Police are also looking for the  suspect or suspects who killed a 34-year woman by shooting her in the  head it what appears to be a drive by during an exchange of gunfire.  What are your thoughts on what happened?


3.       Blade Runner, Oscar  Pistorius' prison sentence was more than doubled to 13 years and five  months, a surprisingly dramatic intervention by South Africa's Supreme  Court of Appeal in the Olympic athlete's fate after the murder of  girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Under  that initial sentence, which the court called "shockingly lenient," the  double-amputee runner could have been released on parole in mid-2019.  Now, the earliest he'll be eligible for parole is 2023. Pistorius  killed Steenkamp in the pre-dawn hours of Valentine's Day 2013 after  shooting four times through a closed toilet cubicle door with his 9 mm  pistol. He  claimed he mistook the 29-year-old model and reality TV star for an  intruder and was initially convicted of manslaughter by a trial judge.  How do you feel about the ruling?  


4.       President  Trump and Time Magazine went tit for tat about Time’s “Person of the  Year”.  Trump tweeted, “Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY  (in all caps) going to be named Person of the Year like last year, but I  would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot.  I said  probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway!” Time says they  don’t comment on their choice until the publication date of December 6th?  Should Trump be Time’s “Person of the Year”?


5.       A  young woman has raised more than $300,000 for a homeless man who, she  said, spent his last $20 to buy her gas after she became stranded on a  major interstate. On  GoFundMe, Kate McClure, 27, wrote that she pulled off an exit ramp on  I-95 near Philadelphia late one night when she realized her car was  running out of gas. McClure posted, “Johnny sits on the side of the road  every day, holding a sign. He saw me pull over and knew something was  wrong, He  told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. A few minutes later,  he comes back with a red gas can.” How do you feel about this pay it  forward story? Have you ever paid it forward?


6.       Welfare  reform was one of the defining issues of President Bill Clinton’s  presidency, starting with a campaign promise to “end welfare as we know  it,” continuing with a bitter policy fight and producing an overhaul law  that remains hotly debated 20 years later. Now, President Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on the welfare system. The  president has not offered details but White House press secretary  spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said more specifics were likely early  next year. Do we need welfare reform?  If so, what kind of changes are  necessary?


7.       Russian  President Vladimir Putin hosted Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to talk  about the need to move from military operations to the search for a  political solution to Syria’s conflict. Russia is working to build an  international consensus around a peace deal for Syria.  Putin will also  meet the leaders of Iran and Turkey and said he would follow up his  talks with Assad with phone calls to President Donald Trump and to  Middle Eastern leaders. Attempts to broker a peace deal in the past have  foundered because powers involved in the conflict have differing  approaches. Can a peace treaty be brokered in Syria? 


8.       Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly facing a new round of  charges of sexual assault from four women, who claim the incidents  occurred after Clinton left the White House in 2001. Author and  journalist Ed Klein reports in the Daily Mail that attorneys have  notified Clinton that they are preparing to file four separate lawsuits  against him. Reports say that the women were employed in “low-level  positions” at an organization owned by playboy billionaire Ron Burkle.  If there is smoke, is there fire?


9.       In  what is being hailed as one of the great finds in recent years,  scientists in Egypt have discovered a hidden chamber inside Egypt's  Great Pyramid of Giza. The discovery was made using cosmic-ray based  imaging, which shows how modern particle physics can reveal new  information about ancient structures.  The Great Pyramid was built  during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu who reigned from 2509 to 2483 B.C.   Archaeologists are still unsure how the Great Pyramid, which is 14  stories tall, was built. How could the pyramids have been built 4,500  years ago when human construction technology did not exist? Did an  advance race of aliens build it?


10.   The  NFL is investigating an allegation that Tampa Bay Buccaneers  quarterback Jameis Winston groped a female Uber driver, Lisa Friel, last  year.  The NFL released a statement sent to Friel which reads, "The  League has been informed that you may have been the victim of such a  violation perpetrated by Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Jameis Winston. The  league takes allegations of this nature very seriously and has opened  an investigation into this matter."  Will we see an end to the Weinstein  effect anytime soon or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

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