Myles Garrett Says Foot Is Fine

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Browns number one pick Myles Garrett says he's good to go for training camp.  He answered questions from the media on Thursday.

DL Myles Garrett:

On if he is 100 percent, will practice today and ‘all that stuff’:

“All that stuff. I will be out there.”

On how relieved he was to learn that his foot injury was not going to keep him out long:

“After a couple of days, I knew it wasn’t too bad. They were keeping me out to protect me and to protect my future. After a couple of weeks, I felt fine. It was really just about rehabbing and making it stronger so something like this won’t happen again.”

On if the injury occurred when planting funny:

“I believe I planted on (QB Brock) Osweiler’s foot while I was coming by. In the game, I won’t have to worry about it. I won’t be running by [quarterbacks]. Hopefully, I will be taking them down.”

On the video of him leg-pressing more than 1,000 pounds, including a friend:

“It was an old basketball teammate of mine. I think with him on it, it made it around 1,450 (pounds). He asked if he could jump on and I said, ‘Sure’. He was kidding at first, but I was like, ‘I need to go up in weight and there’s not too much more room on the top so get on top of it.’ I (pressed) about four or five times and then kept going.”

On attempting to live up to the hype as the No. 1 overall selection:

“Listen to (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams). If I do that and just give my full maximum effort out here, listen to the plays, try to master the playbook and listen to guys like (LB Christian) Kirksey and (OL) Joe (Thomas) and their criticisms, I think I will be fine.”

On ensuring his past success and athleticism transfers into him being seen as a great NFL player:

“Hard work separates the talented from just the Average Joe. If I work hard and combine that with technique, working on that every day against one of all time, I should end up pretty good.”

On defining a successful rookie year:

“Starter. Defensive Rookie of the Year would be a nice way to go, maybe Rookie of the Year, but first I’ve got to get to the first team. I have to put some work in. Until then, I’m just going to keep my head down, my mouth closed and listen and keep on working.”

On his development during minicamp and OTAs:

“In spring, I kind of got the pace down. I know it changes when you put pads on, but right now, I’m just trying to know how fast and I have to understand the defense, get down and know what I’m doing. I just kind of got that down to a T so I have an actual guess of what it is going to be like.”

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