Metroparks birthday bash at Edgewater Saturday

Edgewater Beach

(Cuyahoga County) - The Cleveland Metroparks is celebrating its 100th birthday this weekend. 

Saturday will be a full day of live music and food at Edgewater Beach. 

Metropark's CEO Brian Zimmerman says they are celebrating a century of improvements to our quality of life that continue today. 

Later Saturday night, a fireworks show will take place. Those who plan to attend are urged to arrive at Edgewater Park, Whiskey Island, Wendy Park and all other Marinas and Yacht Clubs by early afternoon because parking will be at a premium. 

Cleveland Councilman Matt Zone says one of the best things they did as lawmakers, was to allow the Metroparks to take over Edgewater Beach and surrounding property from the city. 

Zone says the Metroparks have been an economic engine over the past 100 years, developing the city's recreational areas, and attracting countless visitors.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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Edgewater Beach House

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