Businessman Mike Gibbons Running For US Senate

MIke Gibbons

(Cleveland) - Businessman Mike Gibbons has announced he is running for the Republican nomination for US Senate.

Gibbons, founder of the investment banking firm Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, will be running next year against Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in the Republican primary, and the winner of that primary faces off in November against Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.

Gibbons says he is qualified to represent Ohio in the US Senate because he has "taken the risk and created jobs."  Gibbons says, "I’m a businessman.  I’ve signed the front of a paycheck.  Washington politicians always talk about how they want to create jobs, but politicians don’t create jobs, businesses do.  We need to get the bureaucracy out of the way, cut taxes, reduce red tape, and end the back-room deals and corruption in Washington."  

In addition to his banking firm, Gibbons has also been managing partner of the Cleveland Crunch indoor soccer team, and founded an organization that provides treatment and recovery options for opioid addiction.

(Photo courtesy Brown Gibbons Lang & Company)

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