Cleveland jail inmate goes on a wild ride

Crystal Bullins

(Cuyahoga County) - Today at approximately 10:55 am, an inmate escaped from the City of Cleveland House of Correction located on Northfield Road.  

Corrections officers returning inmates from court, entered the House Of Correction property and drove into the secured sally port area and conveyed the inmates to the secured booking area.  

Investigators claim, the corrections officers did not secure the inmate or the door to the sally port, and female prisoner Crystal Bullins ran out, tried to climb a fence and then entered a running prisoner van and drove through a fence and away from the property.  

Detectives reveal that the prisoner van contained the corrections officers’ weapons, but that Bullins was taken into custody without incident by Highland Hills police officers.  There were no injuries.  

Highland Hills investigators will conduct the follow up probe. The booking information for Bullins indicates that she was originally in court for a contempt of court warrant and petty theft.

(Photo provided by the Cleveland Division of Police)

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