Police say ransomware caused suspect to confess

(Akron) - Summit County Sheriff's detectives are investigating a child porn website with a ransomware twist. 

Investigators report Julius Mays, a resident of Twinsburg Township visited a child pornography website with the intention of downloading kiddie porn. 

Sheriff's Inspector Bill Holland says Mays subsequently entered his personal information as requested by the website, and later received an email claiming to be the police. 

The email stated that he had visited a child pornography website and that if he did not send in $5,000, they would send his personal information to the local police department. 

Mays went to the Twinsburg Police Department, who in turn, contacted the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded by beginning conducting an investigation. Holland says Mays confessed to visiting the website and to downloading child pornography from other websites. 

The 22 year old Mays was arrested and charged with Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving a Minor. 

He was transported to the Summit County Jail. Further charges may result pending the outcome of the investigation.

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