5-19-17 The Spew

1.      The  second jewel in the Triple Crown of horse racing, The Preakness, will  be held tomorrow at Pimlico track in Baltimore.  Kentucky Derby  champion, “Always Dreaming” drew the #4 post and is the early line  favorite at 4-5.  Does “Always Dreaming” have a legitimate shot at  winning the Triple Crown?  


2.       The lead singer of the bands “Soundgarden” and “Audioslave”, Chris  Cornell committed suicide after performing a show in Detroit at the age  of 52.  Cornell played a role in the origins of grunge music along with  Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.  Sting tweeted about Cornell:  “In a world drowning in the ugly noise and clamor of lies, Chris was a  beautiful man with a beautiful voice singing his truth”.  How important  was grunge music to 90’s rock?  


3.      If  you look at the official paperwork provided by the New England  Patriots, Tom Brady has never had a concussion during his 18-year career  in the NFL. His wife, Giselle Bundchen is telling another side of the  story.  In an interview with Charlie Rose on “CBS This Morning” she  said, “He had a concussion last year. I mean, he has concussions.  We  don’t talk about it but he does have concussions”.   Should the NFL  investigate the Patriots for trying to cover up Tom Brady’s concussions?


4.      Last  year, the United States provided $33 billion in foreign aid.  The money  was given to 100 countries around the world for many types of projects  including boosting agricultural productivity in Nepal, encouraging young  people ion Kyrgyzstan to vote and providing humanitarian relief to  Haiti after an earthquake.  Does foreign aid help the living standards  in poor and needy countries?  Should the U.S. cut back or cut out  foreign aid money in the next budget?


5.      That’s Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens talking about LeBron James  after Wednesday night’s game talking about James being better than he  was four years ago. James was named to the All-NBA first team for a record tying 11th  time, equaling the all-time mark shared by Kobe Bryant and Karl  Malone.  Joining James this year are Houston’s James Harden, Oklahoma’s  Russell Westbrook, San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis from  New Orleans. Golden State’s Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant make the  All-NBA second team.  Is James getting better with age just like a fine  wine?


6.       “Five  Guys” is the new champion of burger brands according to a new Harris  poll beating out “In-N-Out”.   “Five Guys” burgers are cooked in an open  kitchen in front of customers and their fries are cooked in peanut  oil.  Have you ever had a “Five Guys” burger? 


7.      A  German shepherd killed a Chihuahua in Elyria.  Tim Bascue, owner of the  German shepherd was charged with having his dog at large and not having  his dog registered. His dog went into his neighbors back yard and was  seen running away with the Chihuahua in its mouth. Bascue claims his dog  either opened up the gate or jumped over the fence to snag the little  dog.  He’s scheduled to appear in court next week.  What would be a just  sentence for the owner of the German shepherd. Should he have to buy  his neighbor a new dog? Can the two neighbors continue to co-exist next  to each other?


8.      M.C.  Allen of Massillon won $300,000 in an Ohio Lottery instant game scratch  off ticket.  After taxes, he will receive a $213,000 lump sum payment.  Do you know anyone who ever won a lottery?


9.      More  than 25% of millennials in college say they plan on moving back home  after they graduate to save money in order to pay pack their student  loans.  The average graduate owes more than $10,000 after graduating.   What if anything can be done about student debt?


10.   President Trump begins his trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican City and Belgium this week. His agenda  includes meeting Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz, Israeli  President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Pope Francis at the  Vatican, and Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Rome.  What do you  think of the President’s trip? 

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