Clever Car Thieves Switch Keys

(North Olmsted) – Some clever car thieves got away with an expensive sports car from a dealership on Lorain Road.

Bernie Moreno Companies says the three men were able to steal a used Porsche from the company’s Mercedes Benz dealership with some deception.

The men asked a sales rep if they could have the key to the Porsche, saying they wanted to hear and feel the engine.  They then returned a key to the sales rep.  Later that night,  the Porsche was driven off the lot.

According to Bernie Moreno Companies, the three men kept the car’s real key, and gave a duplicate, non-working Porsche key to the sales rep.

The dealership is offering at $10,000 reward to find the thieves.  Bernie Moreno Companies says they will now install GPS tracking devices on the cars on their lot.

This is the same dealership that, a couple of weeks ago, was hit by about $100,000 in vandalism when a number of luxury cars were keyed.

(Photo courtesy Bernie Moreno Companies)

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