CLEVELAND (AP) - Legendary rock and roll artist Chuck Berry has died. The St. Louis native is considered one of the founding fathers of rock and roll music.  His songs like "Johnny B. Goode", "Maybellene" and "Roll Over Beethoven" turned rythym and blues elements into rock and roll.  

The Beatles and Rolling Stones were among the many bands who covered his songs.  John Lennon once said "If you wanted to call rock and roll something else, you could call it Chuck Berry." 

He was 90 years old.

Todd Mesek, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, said "Rock and roll as we know it would not exist without him" and "it's fitting that Berry was the first person inducted" to the rock hall.

Statement from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Chuck Berry's passing:

"Chuck Berry was a rock and roll original. A gifted guitar player, an amazing live performer, and a skilled songwriter whose music and lyrics captured the essence of 1950s teenage life. It's fitting that he was the first person inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as he influenced everyone who has picked up a guitar after him. Today, we celebrate his life. Hail Hail, Chuck Berry."

Currently on the Rock Hall's  Youtube page:

Reelin and Rockin performance 17th AMM:

Keith Richardson Inducting Chuck Berry into HOF:

1986 Induction Jam Session Reelin and Rockin:

Roll Over Beethoven performance 1994 Induction:

 Roll Over Beethoven performance 1986 Inductions:

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images; photo by Frans Schellekens/Red Ferns)

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