Marc's Clerk Scammed Out Of $1,100 While Making Change

(WESTLAKE) - Westlake police say a smooth-talking customer was able to talk a young Marc's cashier out of $1,100.

Police say a man was caught on camera on Saturday night making a purchase of just $7.33 with a $100 bill at the Marc's on Detroit Road.  The man, along with another woman, then bamboozled the 18 year old clerk into giving them a series of combinations of bills in change.  In the end, the store handed over $1,100.

Capt. Guy Turner of the Westlake PD said "Moral of the story: When someone makes a small purchase with a large denomination bill, then starts asking for all sorts of various combinations of currency in change, SLAM THE REGISTER SHUT AND CALL YOUR MANAGER!"

Capt. Turner said the scam is called being "quick changed," and the criminals typically look for young clerks who they perceive will be hesitant to question the customer’s behavior.  

If you recognize the suspect call Westlake PD at 440-871-3311.

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