Lisa Pruett murder remains at mystery

Kevin Young has died at the age of 44 in the City of Cleveland Heights. Ken Robinson reports that back in 1990, Young was a suspect in the murder of Shaker Heights teenager Lisa Pruett.

On September 13, 1990...16 year old Lisa Pruett was found dead behind a Shaker Heights mansion, she had been stabbed 21 times. There were several suspects in the crime, but police charged fellow student 

Kevin Young with the crime. The case went to trial and Young was acquitted by the jury 1991. Young went to school with Lisa Pruett, and Shaker Heights police charged him with her murder. but investigative journalist James Renner says Pruett also had a boyfriend who also came under suspicion. 

He speculates that Lisa's friends probably fingered Young as the killer, not wanting to consider it may have been someone in their own inner circle, like Lisa's boyfriend who had recently been released from a mental institution. 

Renner tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, he had spoken with Kevin and members of the Young family and says the former suspect never really got over being put on trial. He worked in the Cleveland Heights area painting houses for a living, and was never to establish a social life because of publicity about the case. 

 Carmen Marino was the assistant county prosecutor assigned to the Pruett case. Marino was later fired for hiding evidence in other trials.

(Photo by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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