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Trump Triggers Journo with Hilarious Transgender Sports Joke

CLAY: We’re mentioning Trump, by the way, Buck. Tomorrow Trump is going to be out at Bedminster. Yesterday he was in Washington, D.C., I believe for the first time since he left Washington, D.C. And he has an intuitive sense of what connects with his base and what connects with his audience, and it’s not a surprise the same arguments we’ve been making on this show that Democrats have gone insane. And one way to point out how they have gone insane is on the transgender related issues, particularly as they pertain to sports. And Trump — we said this a lot, and Trump is getting to join us from Bedminster right now on Friday, live on the program.

BUCK: I think we’re kind of joining Trump considering we are gonna be at Bedminster. But, yeah.

CLAY: Well, that might be a better way to phrase it, but it’s our show; so he’s joining us on the show —

BUCK: Good point.

CLAY: We’ll be joining him at his golf course; so, we’re mutually joining together. Trump’s sense of humor always has not been able to register with a lot of the media that cover him. Yesterday we played the Matt Gaetz —

BUCK: Can we just…? He’s hilarious, and they have no sense of humor is the problem.

CLAY: Well, we played the Matt Gaetz yesterday where he said, “Be offended,” and it was legitimately hysterical about the people who are protesting all the time.

BUCK: The follow-up was great, too.

CLAY: Yes. It was phenomenal. So, Trump is speaking yesterday, and Trump is so insane that he said, hey, maybe we shouldn’t let men play in women’s sports. Listen to this.

CLAY: I think 90% of Americans agree with him. And then he went on to say — and this is very funny — that he could be the greatest women’s basketball coach in history. How? Listen to Donald Trump.

CLAY: Accurate. It’s funny, Buck. This got your friend llama Shea —

BUCK: Yamiche.

CLAY: Yamiche. Yamiche was really upset.

BUCK: Just to be clear, I’ve never even met Yamiche. I just know how to pronounce the name.

CLAY: You know how to pronounce her name. I had no idea how to pronounce her name, I’ll be quite honest, so I had to ask Buck who’s much better at pronunciations than I am. Yamiche Alcindor decided that this was… You just heard the jokes, you just heard Trump kind of mocking the ridiculousness of trans…

BUCK: — literally violence? I’m just wondering. Did she get close?

CLAY: Close, Buck, very close. She said this was transphobic language that Donald Trump used. This is their argument. Listen.

CLAY: I just want to stop that. How else would you talk about men competing in women’s athletics other than to say these are men competing in women’s athletics?

BUCK: This is something that the left loves to do. They attach “phobia” to terms. Now, “phobia” is an irrational fear of something.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: No one is afraid of… Trump’s not afraid of trans people, right? Arachnophobia, fear of spiders, right? Hydrophobia, fear of water. Whatever, right? People come up with all these things. No one’s afraid of trans people. No one has a problem with people who are trans who are, you know, human beings deserving of respect and dignity and kindness like everybody else. He’s just talking about sports.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: And he’s saying we shouldn’t have six-foot-four dudes competing against women in swimming or basketball or anything else because it’s unfair, and I feel badly for so many of these women who grew up thinking, “Oh, you know, the pro-women party is the left and the Democrats, and they’re the feminists and they’re the ones that really care about us!” They’re abandoning you. The Democrat Party has abandoned you. They won’t even admit that there’s anything particularly special about you. In fact, being a woman is effectively a superficial physical costume that one can don, one can put on and take off at will. That’s effectively what they decided being a woman is.

CLAY: Buck, you rowed at college in Amherst.

BUCK: I did. I would have been the best female rower in — and I was not a… Let’s be very clear, ’cause if anyone from my rowing team is listening, I was not a very good rower. I was better at other sports. I just wanted to try to be less fat in college. I was a decent enough high school athlete. I would have crushed… I would have been —

CLAY: You would have been the best women’s rower.

BUCK: I would have been an all-American female rower, yes, no question about it. And, by the way, that’s based on your erg score. I mean, it’s actually… It’s like a track meet where they can do a time — they’ll time you. You do a 500-metre, thousand-metre, 2,000-metre, 5K, and they’ll do times on the erg machine, the rowing machine. I would have been like a national… By the way, it’s not even just me. Any male rower would have been at the top. If you could compete at the college level as a man, you would have been a top female rower as a man. I don’t even know how to say this. Yes.

CLAY: Yes. Which is the point of anybody who understands athletics. So, Trump intuitively understands what the American public thinks on many issues. And I just would echo what we said earlier. If you think men can get pregnant and if you believe that gender is basically a construct and you can, to your point, just try on whatever gender you want to try on at any given point in time, you’re a Democrat, and the vast majority of the American public — white, black, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, everyone — rejects overwhelmingly this idea except Yamiche out there is arguing this is transphobia to say men should compete against men and women should compete against women.

BUCK: Pretty close with Yamiche, by the way. Pretty close. It was good. You’re right there. You’re right on the edge.

CLAY: I even wrote down the pronunciation here, and I can’t even read my own pronunciation.

BUCK: And the other area you’ve heard, it’s a little bit quieter on this issue now, but on the trans agenda as it pertains to indoctrination of children in schools, Libs of TikTok, the account that’s out there, keeps on finding all of these teachers and, you know, youth counselors who are saying, you know, my — or even just parents, parents, too, are saying, you know, “My child came out as trans at age 4 or whatever the case may be.” There are a lot of Americans, whether it’s on the issue of trans competition in sports or on trans indoctrination for kids, they may not be that vocal about it because they don’t want the psycho left to come after them.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: But when they have an opportunity to vote based upon candidates who either embrace this stuff or recognize it as crazy and destructive, I think there’s gonna be a huge silent majority effect here against the insanity, quite honestly of the left on these issues.

CLAY: Yes. I think you’re right.

BUCK: I think people are gonna say — it is a huge part — yes, the economy, fine. That’s first and foremost. But a very big chunk, I think, of the swing in Hispanic sentiment right now is, what do you mean we can’t have men and women as men and women and we’re just gonna pretend that that’s the same thing or different things when we decide it’s different only and that children as young as, you know, kindergarten should be exposed to gender identity ideology. I think people realize, it’s pretty crazy.

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