No Class, Sport, Or Rally Is More Important Than Our Health

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To help limit the spread of COVID-19, health experts have recommended to limit public gatherings including canceling in-person college classes, banning spectators from sporting events and concerts, and temporarily keeping away visitors to Ohio prisons, Gov. Mike DeWine announced at a news conference Tuesday.

“Were now at a critical time here in Ohio in regard to the Coronavirus,” he said. “The decisions that we make as individuals in the next few days, the next several weeks will really determine how many lives are going be lost in Ohio.”

Local officials have acted accordingly, as schools have canceled classroom instruction, college and high school basketball games will be played without fans in attendance, and the cancellation of Cleveland's St. Patrick's Day parade. Also, rallies scheduled in Cleveland for Democratic Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden were canceled after the Governor's announcement.

Though some Ohioans think this is an overreaction, officials are rightfully taking a "better safe than sorry" attitude.

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