As The Impeachment Process Continues, Both Sides Close Ranks

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President Trump criticized the impeachment inquiry again Sunday, telling reporters outside the White House his phone call with Ukraine's leader that sparked the probe was totally appropriate and "perfecto." And he lashed out at the House Speaker: "Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind."

Multiple senior-level sources tell ABC News the 4 White House officials slated for closed-door depositions Monday are not expected to show up on Capitol Hill despite the threat of subpoena. Democrats had hoped to hear from four current White House officials including John Eisenberg, Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs; Michael Ellis, Senior Associate Counsel to the President, Robert Blair; a top aide to the Chief of Staff; and Brian McCormack, an official with the Office of Management and Budget. Eisenberg and McCormack have already been subpoenaed for their respective depositions, Ellis and Blair have just been requested at this time.

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