Mr. President, This Is Not The Way We Treat Our Friends

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"We have to bring our people back home," says President Trump, defending his decision to withdraw US forces from a key border area of Syria. He says the US military's job is done.

That's what the President proclaimed after the White House ordered the withdrawal of all US forces from a key part of the Syrian border.

While no one wants to argue against bringing American forces back home, there are other factors to consider other than American solders. The first two things that have to be asked is- why where they there, and was that objective accomplished? First, American forces were deployed in that region to stop ISIS and to prevent al-Qaeda and Iran to gain momentum in the region. Second, by in large, those efforts have worked. American forces have been working with and training local forces to take out militant Muslim extremism.

However, what the President isn't considering is that is an ongoing problem. Today, they ISIS may not pose a huge threat, but tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

The other major thing thing that must be considered are those local forces that the US has been aiding against ISIS. When this operation began four years ago, the United States began working with a known as the Syrian Democratic Forces. They were most capable of driving groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda, who had taken over large parts of that area of the world. However, the more power they gain the more Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan grows concerned of the primarly Kurdish group.

The Kurds are the fourth-largest ethnic group in the Middle East, and like the Palestinians, have no country of their own and often seen as an afterthought in the region. Since they are stateless, nations in the area have always seen a rise of power as a threat. Turkey is no different, with President Erdogran threatening military action for years.

Simply, Turkey does not want the a growing Kurdish group on their southern border, so much so that the Turkish Government considers them terrorists. The only thing keeping Turkish forces at bay was their alliance with the Untied States.

However, President Trump is relying on diplomacy and the United States' economic power.

Unsurprisingly to politicians on both sides of the isle, President Erdogran didn't take the threats seriously. One day after the withdrawal Turkish forces attacked Kurdish groups on the border.

There is not too many ways this can end well for both sides. However, even if it does end without more conflict, the damage that President Trump has inflicted on the creditably of the United States will be a problem that will still linger past his presidency. The President has looked at a loyal ally of the United States and told them they are on their own in a conflict against their most dangerous rival.

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