Jacob VanSickle: Executive Director of Bike Cleveland

Photo: Photo courtesy of Bike Cleveland

Jacob has served as the executive director of Bike Cleveland since February of 2012. An alumnus of Spring Arbor University where he earned a degree in sociology with a concentration in community development, Jacob is now a passionate Cleveland transplant. Prior to becoming director of Bike Cleveland Jacob was the active living coordinator at Slavic Village Development where he created and implemented programs that got residents connected and active in the community. As part of his work at Slavic Village Development Jacob served as the convener of the leadership team that created Bike Cleveland.

As director of Bike Cleveland Jacob works closely with volunteers and members to affect policy, legislation and infrastructure that help make Cleveland’s roadways safer and our neighborhoods more vibrant.

Listen to the CEOs You Should Know podcast with Jacob VanSickle below.

Visit Bike Cleveland: HERE

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