Docs Remove 150 Live Bugs From Man’s Nose

In Florida, an unidentified man is breathing a sigh of relief after 150 live bugs were removed from his nose. Earlier this month, the guy went to a local hospital with the feeling that his “face was on fire.”

In hindsight, the symptoms first started showing up in October, but they finally became serious enough that he thought perhaps a look from a medical professional was in order.

We’re talking facial swelling, swollen lips, the inability to speak, and nose bleeds.

Finally, the docs took a look and found “dozens and dozens of bugs feeding on the nose and sinus cavity…some as big as the end of his pinky.”

Dr. David Carlson was concerned because the skin erosion had made it so the bugs were dangerously close to the man’s eyes and brain.

One by one, the insects were removed, and the man is now expected to make a full recovery.

How the bugs got up there is still a mystery, but the running theory is that it might have something to do with “bad hygiene habits” related to how the guy “handled dead fish.” 

Source: First Coast News 

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