Parents Don’t Know How To Approach Limiting Digital Media For Their Kids

Young parents are struggling with how to regulate their kids’ screen time.

A team at Edith Cowan University delved into it and found that many just can’t agree on how to handle it. Most Millennial parents admit to winging it and screen time is a huge source of family arguments.

The interesting thing is, despite 75-percent saying the issue causes fights, one-in-three has never searched for any official guidelines on digital media use for children. Many parents say device use has caused their kids to have a lack of exercise, difficulties completing tasks, excessive gaming, sleep problems, and social withdrawal.

The study concludes that parents need a stronger education on the challenges of balancing digital media use and official guidelines need to be improved so parents will WANT to read them.

(Photo by Katell Abiven/AFP via Getty Images)

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