Grant Deplit Stresses Improving Fourth Quarter Defense

Cleveland Browns v Atlanta Falcons

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - OCTOBER 02: Drake London #5 of the Atlanta Falcons fails to pull down a reception against Grant Delpit #22 and Martin Emerson Jr. #23 of the Cleveland Browns during the first quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 02, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On the Browns defense not playing as well in the fourth quarter compared to other quarters:

“Just have to play 60 minutes of football. You have to tighten up the fourth quarter. We are pretty bad in the fourth quarter right now. That is not what great teams do.”

On the Browns defense limiting Falcons TE Kyle Pitts last week:

“I think as a unit we did a good job on him. We knew that they were going to try to get him the ball early, and they did like the first or second play of the game. I think as a collective we did good in the pass game. We just have to clean the run game up.”

More on improving in the fourth quarter:

“Just staying locked in for 60 minutes and just having that killer mentality. We have a standard to uphold if we want to be a top-five or No. 1 defense. We have to stick together and play four quarters.”

On if the Browns defense has the killer mentality needed:

“I do think we have that. We just have to show it the whole game.”

On if a lapse in focus due to fatigue has been an issued for the Browns defense in the fourth quarter:

“No, I can’t really speak on that for other people. I know that I try to be locked in for four quarters. You just have to have a heightened awareness in the fourth quarter. That is when you have to go win the game so we have to be the best.”

On preparing to face talented offenses and QBs in upcoming weeks:

“This is the NFL. Every week, you are going to face a good quarterback. Like you said, in this stretch, we have a lot of good quarterbacks we are going up against and a lot of good offenses. It should be a test for us. Doing what we do every week to prepare the same and make sure we are on our Ps and Qs.”

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