Martin Emerson Jr Talks Learning From Teammates At First Training Camp

Martin Emerson Jr. describes his first training camp with the Browns and his role with the team.

On his first training camp:

“It is going well.”


On how he may be used in the Browns defense:

“I am pretty sure it is going to be outside. Just learning everything, honestly. Just filing the toolbox and learning every technique. Just be ready wherever they want me to play.”


On mentorship from Browns teammates on the field:

“I need it. Just communicating and make sure everyone is on the same page. That is great. That is how you play fast. That is what we need. That is what they do. They are talking to me so I appreciate that.”


On if anyone specifically has taken on a leadership role with him:

“All of them, really. (S) John Johnson (III), he is talking to me a lot, too, though. He communicates with me. I love being on the field with him.”


On getting to know CB Denzel Ward and CB Greg Newsome II:

“Denzel, he talks to me every day. Just learning from him, I always ask him for tips because he is one of the best in the game. I just ask him everything and soak up everything. I know he might get tired of me a little bit, but I appreciate him.”


On the most significant piece of advice Ward has offered thus far:

“I was talking to him about press technique. Just being patient and having confidence.”


On how excited he is for the first preseason game:

“It will be fun. I am ready. I am ready to play that first preseason game, just kind of to show everybody around the organization what I have to offer and what MJ Emerson is about.”

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